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Home Town Mortgage has served the Alpharetta community since 1996 and is the oldest continually operating mortgage brokerage firm in the north Fulton area.

The company’s success is built on trust, established through exceptional customer service. Steve Beecham and his team have a genuine concern for every customer’s needs, and they offer 24/7 availability and in-person assistance throughout the loan process. The goal is to delight everyone who walks through their door.

Steve Beecham is the Owner and President of Home Town Mortgage and has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage business. He has consistently ranked as one of the top mortgage brokers in the state of Georgia and has served as President of the Georgia Mortgage Brokers Association. Steve serves on several non-profit boards in the area and is known as the “mayor of his village”, referring to his art of connecting people, both personally and professionally. He has written a book on networking, Bass-Ackward Business: The Power of Helping Without Hustling, and enjoys traveling around the country speaking to corporate and civic groups on the subject.

November 19, 2015

The Straight Shooter

November 19, 2015


From my perspective, 25- to 35-year-olds are buying houses like crazy. They have good jobs and confidence they will keep them. Most make $35k to $60k a year, qualifying them for a $150k to $300k house with only 3% down. A $200k home with $7,000 down would offer a $1300 a month payment, including taxes and insurance.  That's less than the rent for most apartments!

Access to trail systems, parks or walkable downtown areas, a house with a yard for a pet, or the lifestyle a townhome or condo offers are popular reasons millennials are buying. But it's important to discuss all the options to make sure today's decisions have benefits for tomorrow.
Location is another key.  Brookhaven is still hot for millennials but it can be expensive.  Brookhaven fringes, like the area around St. Pius Catholic School, are filling some of the gap. Smynings inside and outside the perimeter remains strong.  And now more now than ever, the north side OTP is a winner because of the vibrant downtown areas in Roswell, Woodstock and Alpharetta. 
I love working with this age group and sharing what I have learned about homeownership, location and price, and I also enjoy matching a potential home buyer with the perfect real estate agent.  If your child or grandchild has a good steady job and can get a roommate, or is about to get married or start a family, tell them to call me.  And remember: YOU can provide some or all of the downpayment! 

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Join the Junior League of Gwinnett & North Fulton Counties for a Kendra Gives Back Party, Thursday, November 19th from 6 to 9 p.m. at Kendra Scott, 3150 Avalon Boulevard in Alpharetta.

Enjoy raffles, bubbles and bites while you shop. 20% of the proceeds will benefit JLGNF's "Strong Girls, Bright Futures" self-esteem program creating awareness, education and empowerment for young girls in the community and other initiatives. There is no cost to attend.


There's still time to enjoy the excellent Book Festival of the MJCCA, continuing through Sunday, November 22nd with events featuring Jami Attenberg, Jillian Cantor, Alan Dershowitz, Joey Reiman and Ted Koppel.

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As the time approaches to renew your health insurance plan, you might want to do a little shopping around.  Here's a resource from US News I think is really helpful as a refresher on the new guidelines and an easy way to compare multiple plans.

It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.

Steve Beecham
NMLS #166799

President, Home Town Mortgage
NMLS #164609
65 Roswell Street, Suite 500
Alpharetta, GA  30009

January 7, 2016

30 Yr Fixed - 3.99% (APR 4.5%)

15 Yr Fixed - 3.375% (APR 3.875%)

30 Yr JUMBO - 4.375% (APR 4.875%)

Rates may change or not be available at the time of loan commitment or lock-in

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